Engineering Assistant/Intern IOC - Public Works Department  22-4-1


TITLE: Engineering Assistant-IOC, 1,000 hour
SALARY: $15.12-$18.07
DEPARTMENT: Public Works
LOCATION:  Leavenworth County Shop / Courthouse
SUPERVISOR:  Engineering Superintendent/Engineering Technician


60%           Installs and operates pneumatic traffic counters, and performs sign inventory duties.

20%           Processes field data for input into GIS software.

10%            Assists with engineering tasks, analyses, and computer-aided drafting.

5%             Performs errands and other duties as required.

5%             Supervises crew member to ensure safe operations.

Will operate and maintain multiple pneumatic traffic counters simultaneously to include field installation, preventive maintenance, and small repairs.  Will collect traffic counts, measure sight distance, and place information on paper forms.  Requires the driving and navigation of rural county roads, placement of safety equipment, and operation of field measuring devises.  Communications with other workers by operating a two-way radio; must stand for long periods of time in various types of weather; must ensure equipment is maintained and ready daily.  Must be a self-starter with the ability to work independently with minimal supervision, as well as supervise/manage the work on one additional crew member.

KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS:  (*Required prior to employment)

  1. Basic Knowledge of Engineering and/or Construction Science at an undergraduate student level. *
  2. Knowledge and ability to perform safe driving practices. *
  3. Ability to read maps and orient locations in the field. *
  4. Ability to generate sketches and measure distances in the field. *
  5. Knowledge of department policies and procedures including safety.
  6. Ability to follow written and oral instructions, and ability to see and read instructions. *
  7. Ability to perform moderate physical work, to lift and carry up to 50 pounds, and to stand or sit for long periods of time. *
  8. Ability to walk, climb, kneel, reach, twist, sit, pinch, ride, grasp, pull, bend, crawl, push and perform a variety of similar body movements. *
  9. Ability to talk and hear in person and by telephone and two-way radio.
  10. Ability to withstand exposure to outdoor environment for entire workday in any weather.
  11. Knowledge of basic computer system operations and techniques.


  1. Operate independently with minimal supervision within supervisor-established guidelines.
  2. Discusses with supervisor work priorities and schedules.
  3. Able to make timely decisions and exercise appropriate judgment in various situations.
  4. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors, crew, and public.
  5. Liaison with citizens on work activities or questions during flagging duties.
  6. Operate a computer for the processing of field data.
  7. Perform other duties as assigned.

Approximately 60% of work is performed outside with placement of traffic counting equipment on active roadways with exposure to all weather conditions.

Must posses and maintain a valid Kansas Class C Driver’s License. Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screening.  Must meet requirements outlined in Knowledge and Skills section marked with an *.  Must be 18 years or older prior to start date.

Vision - Must be adequate for driving passenger cars from one site to another and for using miscellaneous hand-held tools.  Must be able to see sight distance targets at approximately 1000’.
Hearing - Must be adequate for telephone communications, two-way radio communications and normal conversations.
Speech - Must be able to speak English clearly to give instructions and communicate ideas and problems to foreman and supervisors.
Standing - 60% of the time –performing flagging duties and directing traffic.
Walking - 40% of the time –walking to and from vehicles, and while performing sight distance checks.
Sitting - 15% of the time – while driving from one location to another or filling out paperwork.
Lifting/Carrying - 50 pounds –must be able to lift heavy items.
Pushing/Pulling - 50 pounds – pushing, pulling carts, racks, hoist.
Climbing/Balancing - Minor climbing/balancing.
Stooping/Kneeling - Stooping required, as well as crouching to install counters.
Reaching/Handling - Required on most tasks.



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