Survey Department

300 Walnut St., Suite 007
Leavenworth, KS 66048

Dan Baumchen, PS
County Surveyor
Main Tel:

Survey Record Database  

The Survey Department is the caretaker of all survey information in Leavenworth County.

  • Maintain and build upon Horizontal Control Network containing 71 control points throughout the county
  • Maintain and build upon county Vertical Control Network containing over 40 points at this time
  • Maintain Section Corner reference reports as per K.S.A. 58-2011, for 2181 corners in the County. At present time Leavenworth County has reference reports for 78% of section corners in the county.
  • Review and accept surveys and plats performed in Leavenworth County in accordance with the Kansas Minimum Standards for Boundary Surveys as per K.S.A. 58-2005.
  • Maintain and protect Leavenworth County road records, which date back to 1855 to present time.
  • Provide assistance and education to the public and contractors on how to research County survey information.
  • Keep Leavenworth County on the forefront of technology with survey equipment and methodology
  • Provide survey needs for the Public Works Department, ranging from construction staking to design surveys.
The County Surveyor shall be a licensed land surveyor in the state of Kansas and practice under the provisions of K.S.A 74-7001 and amendments thereto. The Kansas Statutes that pertain to the duties of the County Surveyor can be found in the provisions of K.S.A. 19-1401 through 1433.

  • SECTION CORNER TIES:  Section corner tie reference sheets are available from the Leavenworth County GIS Interactive Map
  • SURVEY SCANS: Leavenworth County has over 10,600 records scanned for your use.  These records mostly consist of surveys and survey notes. 
  • PROPERTY OWNERSHIP INFORMATION:  This information is located on the GIS Interactive Map.  If the property you are searching for is surveyed, you can get a copy of the survey from the screen as well at
  • ROAD RECORDS:  Leavenworth County has 11 volumes of Road Records that have been protected by sealed pages in freshly bound books.  For this information, you may send us an  email with the location you are looking for.
  • OWNERSHIP DOCUMENTATION: This information is located in the Register of Deeds office on the first floor of the County Courthouse.  You may also subscribe to "" for an account for online access to those records.

  • CERTIFICATE OF SURVEYS: All surveys that do not change the boundary of a property or are creating a description of a property that does not have a recorded description are submitted to the County Surveyor directly for review.  This can be done by email of a PDF of the survey with the supporting required information i.e. corner reports, closure calculations.
  • TRACT SPLITS, SUBDIVISION PLATS, BOUNDARY LINE ADJUSTMENTS:  These surveys are submitted through the Leavenworth County Planning and Zoning Department.


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