There's No Age Limit on Fun!
As people age, social opportunities can become more limited. Our agency provides the opportunity for seniors to maintain an active social life. Every Wednesday is a game day with Bingo, Bunko, or Farkle. We have a monthly social which includes refreshments and entertainment. These events may be a party of the season, a tea, picnic, a day at the fair or possibly a short outing to a nearby place of interest. There may be a fee to participate in the monthly social event.
Secret Pal
This program  is fun for anyone who participates! Send a monthly card to your secret friend!
Book Review Club

This club meets every second Wednesday of the month to learn about new and old books from the librarian. You can even bring a book along to share!
Day Trips
These trips, open to those 50 years and older, offer an educational and social daytime outing each month. The educational trips include adventures to museums, theatres, historic homes, and more! The social trips also include going to restaurants for lunch or breakfast, the fair and shopping! There is a fee for each trip, which varies based on the destination.

Look for our monthly calendar and fliers for dates, times, and events being offered, or call the COA at 913-684-0777 with any inquires.


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