June 2024 Leavenworth County Newsletter

Board of County Commissioners

The Board of County Commissioners serves as the Chief Legislative and Executive Branch of the County Government. Composed of five members, with each Commissioner representing a district of the County.

The duties of the Board of County Commissioners include:

  • Approving the County budget and expenditures
  • Appointing the various department heads of the County
  • Exercising powers of local legislation

BOCC Board

To kick off Memorial Weekend Leavenworth County employees were treated to an Employee Appreciation Lunch by County Elected Officials and Department Heads. It was a beautiful day where employees could use their lunch break to relax and catch up with their fellow co-workers.

Thank you to all the staff that worked to make this happen.

Employee Safety Day

A view from the roof of the Justice Center at 601 S. 3rd Street, Leavenworth, KS, facing North.
County Attorney's Office

Todd was the guest speaker at the Lion’s Club meeting on May 23. The topic of conversation involved Romance Scams, Spoofed Calls, Phishing Emails, and more.

todd lion

During a sentencing hearing held on May 31, 2024, Robert D. Knight Sr. was sentenced to two life sentences with mandatory minimum imprisonment for no less than 25 years. During Friday’s hearing, the defense's motions for a new trial and judgment of acquittal were denied. Knight had previously been found guilty of two counts of Aggravated Indecent Liberties with a Child under the age of 14.

Press Release:  SENTENCING Robert Knight Sr

The Annual Community Baby Shower is scheduled for July 27. Just scan the image for more information. 

2024 Baby Shower Flyer

The County Attorney’s Office issued a Utility Scam Alert. 

utility scams

Sheriff's Office

Leavenworth County Sheriff's Office was recently recognized with 2024 Achievement Awards from the National Association of Counties (NACo). The awards honor innovative, effective county government programs that strengthen services for residents.
• Leavenworth County Sheriff's Cross-System Collaboration
The Leavenworth Sheriff's Office (LVSO) received local Kansas Fights Addiction Act grant funds to collaborate across systems to combat issues stemming from the Opioid Crisis. The grant funds allowed the LVSO to partner with The Guidance Center, the local Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic, to create a Justice-Involved Behavioral Health Liaison position in the jail to fill gaps and solve problems to improve public safety and community well-being.


Sheriff Office Job OpeningsLVSO Badge

The Leavenworth County Sheriff's Office is seeking hardworking, dedicated, and career-minded professionals for the positions of:
Deputy Sheriff (Patrol Division) - $23.35/Hour, Full-Time, Benefits Eligible, Pay Consideration for Experience/Education

Deputy Sheriff Job Description

Detention Officer - $20.76/Hour, Full-Time, Benefits Eligible
Detention Officer Job Description

To apply click here.  

Job Openings

Are you looking for a new career?

June Job Openings

Leavenworth County is a great place to work!

You can find all of our current job openings on our job opening section of our website.

Employee Anniversaries

One of our greatest resources at Leavenworth County is our hard-working employees. We would like to congratulate each employee celebrating a work anniversary milestone during the month of June! We are proud to have dedicated employees on our team!

June Anniversary Post

Leavenworth County EMS & Health Department


Emergency Management

07 - 4th of July Fireworks

Summer months in the U.S. are filled with the festivities of summer vacations and Fourth of July celebrations. Backyards and lawns are rife with barbeque sessions as people indulge in music, game nights, and general merriment. But many celebrations in America are incomplete without fireworks. From fireworks that burst into intricately designed spectacles to the ones that simply bloom across the dark sky canvas, you can find all sorts of fireworks
being sold around the country at this time of the year. However, it is also to be noted that fireworks safety is a matter often taken lightly. Most fireworks injuries are reported between June 16 to July 16. Many of these injuries could have been prevented had safety measures been applied.

Fireworks Safety Month in June aims to spread information about the hazards associated with using fireworks unsafely. As the summer months roll around each year, fireworks sales skyrocket. People buy them for use at get-togethers, parties, barbeques, and so forth. Fireworks, therefore, have become synonymous with American culture and traditions. With that being said, they still pose quite a few dangers, some of which can result in severe injuries or even death. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, each year, 10,000 people are injured due to fireworks. In 2017 alone, 12,900 individuals were injured, with eight people dying. About 50% of all reported injuries are of children and young adults under 20. Out of this, 45% of the affected children are under the age of 14. Incorrect usage, as well as amateurs attempting to use professional-grade or illegal fireworks, have also accounted for over 1,000 injuries. Fireworks used in unauthorized areas also lead to the destruction of land and properties.

To prevent your celebrations from turning into tragedies, take note of the necessary fireworks safety measures. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the fire departments release instructions on fireworks safety rules. Always buy and use legal fireworks that are safe for you to operate. Never allow kids to set off fireworks themselves. Ensure that teenagers using fireworks equipment are accompanied by an adult and that they are following all precautions. Maintain a safe distance and/or keep away from the fire-off point of a firework. Do not rub or put pressure on any injuries or give any painkillers; instead, take the victim to the Emergency Room immediately.



Educate yourself

Learn about fireworks safety methods and instructions. Once you have a solid understanding of the safety precautions, you can enjoy the festivities to the fullest without any worries.

Prevent others from doing dangerous acts.

Speak up and step in if you see others indulging in fireworks activities that can be dangerous. Use your safety knowledge to let them know why a certain misstep can result in a lifelong tragedy.

Make sure you are prepared

It is essential that when tragedy does strike, you are of sound mind to remember all safety plans. Make a safety plan by keeping water sources close by. Chart your escape routes, and memorize emergency numbers.

Be safe, Leavenworth County!!

Council on Aging

Dancing through the Decades
Dancing Through the Decades Real

Pedicaure for Paws

County Treasurer's Office


  1.  For the month of June, motor vehicles with owners’ last names starting with the letter “H” “I” will be due by June 30th.
  2. The Tonganoxie Annex will not be taking Driver’s License appointments until further notice.
  3. The Tonganoxie Annex will now be open from 7:30am-4:00pm.
  4. Inspection stations will now be requiring an appointment at all locations besides Atchison.
  5. The 2nd half of personal property taxes were due may 10th, all unpaid property taxes have started to accrue interest.
  6. Kansas is replacing ALL embossed license plates, they will automatically be replaced. If you mail your registration payment in, we will be mailing you a new registration with a temp tag. You will receive a new plate in the mail in 1-2 weeks.
  7. Taxpayers may renew their vehicles up to 60 days in advance of their renewal deadline.
  8. Note: Starting January 2024 we will be giving out different plate styles. You can find them on our website.
For more information about renewing your vehicle, visit this section of our website: Renewing Your License Plate.

Community Corrections

Leavenworth County Community Corrections were recently recognized with a 2024 Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties (NACo). The awards honor innovative, effective county government programs that strengthen services for residents.

• KUDOs for Culture Change & Positive Reinforcement
Leavenworth County Community Corrections began implementing a KUDOs board in January 2022. The purpose of the KUDOs board is to highlight one another, shift culture to a team mindset, improve morale, and practice Evidence-Based Supervision Principle #5: Increase Positive Reinforcement.



In case you haven’t heard, Community Corrections is celebrating PPPS Week the third week of July! More information will be released in the coming weeks.

Please save the dates:

Wednesday July 17th and Thursday July 18th from 11 AM to 2 PM we are hosting our annual Community Resource Meet and Greet at the Anthony Elementary School Cafeteria. We will have a drawing for prizes and refreshments available. (see attached flyer)

CARLYS PPPS 2024 Flyer 1.2 - Word


Register of Deeds


ROD June 1New Employee - Welcome Elouise Jahnke

The Register of Deeds office welcomed Elouise Jahnke on May 24, 2024.  

Elouise spent 21 years as a branch manager of Chicago Title Co in Shawnee. She has a background in banking and real estate. She is married with two daughters and three grandkids. She enjoys cooking and working outside in the garden.   

She replaces Susan Draftz’s position, who went to part-time on June 3. In honor of Susan’s love of chocolate, we lined her desk with an edible message…    

ROD June 2                 

Attempted Title Theft of Elvis Presley's Mansion

With one day to spare, Elvis Presley’s granddaughter stopped a title theft attempt to take the famous mansion.  The Notary Public testified they never witnessed Lisa Marie Presley’s signature.

Sharing FREE Property Fraud Alert & Services by Register of Deeds

April 21st - Delta Sigma Theta - Program presented for Financial Fortitude Month
May 2nd - Council on Aging - Positive Aging Resource Fair
May 4th - Linwood Community Center

If you are part of a club or organization looking for a speaker, I am available to share this community service in person. Email requests TMashburn@LeavenworthCounty.gov or call the office. I would be happy to share a program on Register of Deeds services with your group.

In these uncertain times, I encourage you to protect your property by also researching the benefits of the Transfer on Death Deed and talking with your attorney on any questions you may have about your property ownership. We have forms you may print off for free on our website.

For more information or to subscribe to Property Fraud Alert, call the Register of Deeds at 913.684.0424 or email tmashburn@leavenworthcounty.gov .

Transfer Station

Bike ScreenshopThanks to Brian Ottenschnieder, City of Olathe, the Leavenworth County Transfer Station is happy to announce that we are combining efforts with Lansing Correction Facility for an Adopt-A-Bike program for bicycle recycling.


This initiative helps divert broken and discarded bicycles from ending up in landfills by refurbishing them and arranging for them to be adopted back into participating communities. Here’s how it works: 


Collection: For free, broken, and unwanted bicycles are collected at the Leavenworth County Transfer Station.


Refurbishment: The donated bicycles are transported from the Transfer Station and sent to Lansing Correctional Facilities, where inmates work to strip the salvageable parts and reassemble them into sturdy, functional bikes. 


What Now: Once refurbished, the Lansing Correctional Facility will make the bikes available to those who need one in  Leavenworth, Lansing, and several other cities in the state.


Positive Impact: The Adopt-A-Bike program promotes environmental sustainability by keeping bicycles and associated scrap metal out of landfills. Additionally, it encourages community participation in positive recreational activities. Behind the scenes, the program also provides jobs for inmates at the Lansing Correctional Facilities who work on refurbishing the bikes. 



You can bring your bikes to the Leavenworth County Transfer Station Recycling Center, hours and location information below:


Transfer Station Contact Information
24967 136th St, Lansing, KS 66043
Phone: 913.727.2858
Hours of Operation:
Tuesday thru Friday
8:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.
8:00 a.m. - 1:45 p.m.
Closed Sunday, Monday and all County observed Holidays

Appraiser's Office

Per KSA 79-1613


The State of Kansas allows for the abatement of taxes on a homestead in the event of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, flood, tornado, fire, or storm.


  1. Structures must be 50% destroyed based on the current market value.
  2. Must be applied for within 18 months.
  3. Taxes may be abated for the current year of the damage from the date of the damage.
  4. Structures only, no items such as land, trees, or items such as fences.
  5. Structures destroyed before August 15th will be credited on the current year of taxes the damages occurred in.
  6. Structures destroyed after August 15th of the current year of damage; the abatement will be a credit on the following tax year.

 Public Works  

Vision to Zero Title
The County of Leavenworth is furthering its commitment to safety through the Leavenworth County Vision Zero initiative, with the goal of reducing serious injuries and traffic deaths on our streets. Visit the project website at www.leavenworthcountyvisionzero.com to learn more and provide your input on areas you think need improvements using our interactive map.

Visit our Website Vision Zero


Noxious Weed Department

Each county has a designated Weed Director who is responsible for working with landowners to help them in controlling and eradicating the Noxious Weed on their land. Noxious weeds are one of the greatest threats to the Kansas environment because they displace native plant species, interfere with the production of agricultural crops, increase erosion, destroy wildlife habitat and decrease property values. The Noxious Weed Departments responsibilities are to control vegetation in right of ways throughout Leavenworth County.

They are also responsible for roadside mowing, herbicide use and noxious weed control.

Services provided:
• Cost Share Program: Chemicals are offered for sale to all Leavenworth County residence at a 25% under county cost to control noxious weeds.
• Rental Sprayers: six (6) 125-150 gallon sprayers are available for a daily rental fee of $35.00. All sprayers are rented on a first come first serve basis.


Planning and Zoning

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is a 10 member board that is appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. The Planning Commission has the following responsibilities:

To hear and make recommendations concerning amendments to the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations and the Comprehensive Plan;
To make recommendations on development cases based on the Leavenworth County Zoning and Subdivision Regulations; and
To serve as the Board of Zoning Appeals to hear requests for variances from the Leavenworth County Zoning and Subdivision Regulations.

Planning Commission Agenda Packets and Meeting Minutes can be found here

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