Household Hazardous Waste

Do you have Household Hazardous Waste to dispose of and live in this City?
Watch for updates for City HHW disposal days.

On February 28, 2022, EPA revoked tolerances that have allowed the pesticide chlorpyrifos to be used on food-related applications due to potential health-related exposure risks. More information about this rule can be found here:

EPA Takes Next Step to Keep Chlorpyrifos Out of Food, Protecting Farmworkers and Children’s Health | US EPA

As a result of their ruling, EPA has determined that HHWs are no longer an option for the disposal of this pesticide.

At this time the options for disposal have not yet been determined. More information will be shared as it is received. Chlorpyrifos may be kept and properly stored in its original labeled container for non-food uses until it is disposed. EPA is planning to contact registrants of this product to inform them of labelling amendments and potential buy-back options. The Kansas Department of Agriculture recommends that anyone with questions regarding disposal should reach out to their Pesticide and Fertilizer Program either via their Program’s email: or the Program’s main line: 785-564-6688.

Homes are full of Household Hazardous Waste.  Look for the words DANGER, POISON, WARNING, FLAMMABLE, TOXIC  or CAUTION on the product, or symbols such as a skull and cross bone.  The Transfer Station takes HHW from Leavenworth County Residents, as a free service. 
If more than 10 liquid gallons please call 913-727-2858 to make an appointment. 
If less than 10 liquid gallons, bring in during our open hours, come across the scale and notify operator.
Leavenworth County Businesses, with HHW, can apply and if approved, make an appointment to bring in their chemicals for a FEE. 
Business HHW Application 

What is Household Hazardous Waste?

Some Household Hazardous Waste Items Some Non Hazardous
Aerosol Cans Cell Phones
Antifreeze Computers
Bathroom Cleaners Keyboards
Carpet Cleaners Monitors
Diesel Fuel Printers
Fertilizers DVD Players
Floor Cleaners Electronic Cords
Floor Polish Electronic Waste
Fluorescent Bulbs Empty Containers - Contains no liquid HHW
Gasoline Fire Extinguishers
Kerosene Scanners
Paint - Oil based    (Latex Paint)    Small Electronics
Paint Thinners Speakers
Pesticides Stereos
Sharps - Needles (must be in a container) RESIDENTS ONLY Televisions 
Solvents Tires
Can be taken to Walmart, any Auto Parts Store or TSC


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