In-Home Support: Errands

Let Us Help with Your Errands!
Our agency offers this invaluable service to individuals age 60 and older, who are unable to take care of their own shopping needs at grocery stores, discount stores, etc.  or would feel more comfortable with others providing this service for them.  Our professional errand staff are also available to assist with essential business errands such as going to the post office, taking a payment to a local business, picking up prescriptions and other general errands.

The In-Home Support, Errand program is a fee-based service, and our fees are assessed with the knowledge that many seniors have a fixed income.  The services of an In-Home Support, Errand Specialist are $5.00 per errand.  Errands may be combined in one outing with a charge of $5.00 for the first errand and $1.00 charge for each additional errand (not to exceed 3 separate errands per person).



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