Phase 2 of Vaccination Plan

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Today, Friday, January 22, Leavenworth County moved into Phase 2 of the State of Kansas' COVID-19 Vaccination Plan.

The Health Department will begin administering the vaccine to first responders as part of Phase 2.  The Health Department is also finishing up with administering the vaccine to health care workers who were not vaccinated as part of Phase 1 of the state’s five-phase plan.

Phase 2 includes people 65 years of age and older, individuals who live or work in a congregate setting, high-contact critical workers, and all vaccinated persons prioritized in previous phases.  

The Health Department is scheduled to receive additional vaccines and will set up distribution for people in this category next week based on a list of people who have filled out a Vaccine Interest Form.

If you fall into the Phase 2 category and would like to fill out the Vaccine Form, you can access it here.