Provisional Ballots

Provisional Ballots

A provisional ballot is voted when there is a question if you are a qualified voter. Why Am I Given a Provisional Ballot?

  • Your name is not listed in the poll book.
  • Your address changed and your new address is not listed in the poll book.
  • Your name changed (you married, divorced, or legally changed your name).
  • You do not have an approved government picture ID.
  • You have already voted in advance.
  • You are at the wrong polling location.

You are not required to vote a provisional ballot if:

  • You moved within the County within 30 days of the election AND you are voting at your old precinct.
  • You are a Leavenworth County registered voter and moved within 30 days to another County within the state of Kansas AND are voting at your former precinct.

NOTE: On these two occasions you are required to fill out an FP1 (Affidavit of Former Precinct Resident).

Provisional Ballot Responsibilities

It is your responsibility when voting a Provisional Ballot to:

  • Complete a new voter registration card and provide a government approved photo ID.
  • Receive a provisional ballot envelope with your voter registration card attached.
  • Check the envelope and verify the reason for the challenge is completed.
    • It should have your former address and new address list on the envelope or your former name and new name.
    • Note: When your ballot is counted it will be separated from the signed envelope in order to guarantee the confidentiality of your vote.
  • Receive the appropriate unmarked ballot from the Election Board.
  • Take the envelope with the voter registration attached and the unmarked ballot into the voting booth and vote your ballot.
  • Check over your ballot to make sure it is complete and correct.
  • Place your voted ballot in the envelope provided. Seal the envelope to protect your privacy.
  • Hand the envelope with your voted ballot sealed inside to the election board worker.

Your provisional ballot will be processed after the election night to determine if the Board of County Canvasser will accept or reject your ballot. This is based on the qualifications listed in this brochure.


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