Building Permit Information

A building permit is required of all persons desiring to build any structure - residential, accessory or commercial, within the unincorporated areas of Leavenworth County. Structures smaller than 100 square feet are not regulated. The structure built must be the type for which the permit was purchased and used in the manner attended at the time the permit was issued. A building permit is valid for one year from the date of issuance.

 Requires a Building Permit:  Does Not Require a Building Permit:
  • Homes
  • Accessory Structures (pole barns, outbuildings, etc.)
  • Building Additions
  • Pools & Ponds
  • Commercial
  • Car Ports 
  • Ground-mounted Solar Panels
  • New Decks
  • Structures under 100 sq. ft.
  • Roofing
  • Roof-mounted Solar Panels
  • Deck Replacements (same footprint)
  • Unenclosed Carports
  • Interior Modifications

Traditional building permit applications can be found in the document center or can obtained in-person from our office. Applications can be submitted in-person, emailed to, or submitted through our new Building Permit Online Application. Applications will be reviewed and processed when all the required documents are provided and payment is made.

After receiving a building permit application, we will confirm that the application is complete.
Payment which can be done by check, in cash, or over the phone via credit/debit card. PLEASE NOTE: there is a fee associated with processing credit/debit cards charged by the service provider that is a percentage of the overall cost. Please then allow for 5-10 business days for the application to be processed.

For more information regarding associated fees, please refer to our Schedule of Fees.

Additional Information:

  • Before beginning construction, please contact Kansas811 to determine where underground utilities are located on your property.
  • When a parcel requires an entrance and is not being obtained at the same time as a Single Family Residence, an Entrance Permit Application will need to be submitted. More information about entrance permits can be found here.
  • In order to submit a building permit packet, the applicant will need to be on the deed of the property. If someone other than the owner of the property is submitting a building permit packet, an Owner Authorization form will need to be submitted with the packet. Owner Authorization forms can be found in the Document Center.


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